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3D printable files from EC3D, including the most recent Kickstarter "The Skyless Realms", and past Kickstarter "The Forest of Oakenspire"

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Final File Delivery - Vertical City
about 2 months ago – Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 03:41:31 PM

Through trial and tribulation I have finalized the Vertical City stretch goal. This one took *much* longer than I hoped (due in part to me running another huge KS and spreading myself a bit too thin) - so apologies on the delay, and your patience!. I did my best to aggregate your feedback across KS and the FB group, and discerned that the majority of folks wanted stylized, designed dark-elf carved stalagmite towers (vs more modular, less stylized ones). I just pushed the final versions of the 2 stalagmite towers to the Dropbox, which will be available if you purchased the Scatter or All-In reward levels. They have some cool features like window inserts, balconies, and an optional bridge if you want to print both of them (but you can opt to do just one). These are not for the faint of heart, and each piece takes a good chunk of time to print (10-13 hrs according to my personal print settings with good detail).

Just a note: I have not test printed all of these yet, as I have been having some printer issues but I'm slowly working on it. I examined them very carefully in the slicer though, and the final repair/check step was done very diligently so they should be good to go - but, wanted to give a fair warning in case anybody dives in right away and finds any issues.

Here's some shots of the two stalagmite towers, in all their dark-elf carved glory! 

Ending Soon: "Depths of Savage Atoll" + Vertical City Update
3 months ago – Wed, Jun 05, 2019 at 08:38:05 PM

Wanted to follow up and remind you all that my current campaign, Depths of Savage Atoll, just headed into the final week! There's over 100 miniatures and even more terrain/scenery! If you think you may ever need pirate, aquatic, island, coastal, or jungle models... this campaign has you covered!

Pop on over and take a look if you're interested: CHECK IT OUT


Vertical City

Also wanted to share an update on the final unreleased piece from Skyless Realms - the Vertical City. Since this one has been delayed, I wanted to make sure it was epic. We now have 2 unique, huge themed spire towers that are almost complete. Big pieces like this take a LOT of work for test fitment, design, detailing, etc, so please be patient as I wrap these up - BUT I hope you think these epic pieces are worth the wait!

There will be an optional door/bridge that can connect the upper sections, and round "glass" window that goes in the round hole.

New Kickstarter Launch - "Depths of Savage Atoll"!
3 months ago – Wed, May 15, 2019 at 04:21:05 PM

Hello folks, hope all is well and your 3d printers are still humming along merrily! We are working on wrapping up the remaining Vertical City terrain, but I wanted to share with you my newest project that just launched - it's my biggest undertaking (and most polished!) project to date, with a tremendous number of models and stretch goals. "Depths of Savage Atoll" takes to (and under) the seas, with an aquatic, nautical, coastal, cliffs, and jungle island theme.

We are just getting started and it should be one hell of a fun ride - take a look if you're interested! 


Terrain Feedback request: Vertical City, Delivery Updates, and "Depths of Savage Atoll" new project!
4 months ago – Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 01:27:40 AM

Folks - hope all is well, and your printing is going great! I have seen some wonderful stuff over on the Facebook Group. Wanted to give an update on files and remaining deliverables, get your feedback on one decision, and give you a heads up on an upcoming project!

Feedback Request: Vertical City

I have struggled to figure out the best way to build this, got some feedback in FB group, flip-flopped like 8 times, and decided it was best to just get backer feedback. Please let me know in the comments if you have a preference on what kind of stalagmite/stalagtite/column rock "buildings" you want me to finalize for this stretch goal - option A or B

Option A: Less modular but more natural looking - fixed height, but less playable space inside (due to wall thickness in tapered sections

Option B: More flexible in that it can be any height, and tapered top/bottom are optional, and middle sections can be mixed/matched (there would be a few different styles), but look less like stalagmites/tites and more like rock columns.

Please note that either design will be fully rock textured, have  fun dark elf stylings, and  look cool

click to open pic in imgur, which can be zoomed/expanded
click to open pic in imgur, which can be zoomed/expanded


Files - Remaining to Deliver

All that's left to deliver are the stalagmite/title/column buildings from the pics above, and the final arachnid mutant male/female minis (which I'm wrapping up now). Everything else is in the dropbox. Some file errors have been reported to me, and have been updated in the dropbox. You can always refer to the changelog to see what's new in there.


Upcoming Project- "Depths of Savage Atoll"

In addition to wrapping up this KS, I'm launching a new KS of similar size/scope of this one - targeting the end of this month (April). It's going to be aquatic/nautical/pirate/coastal/jungle themed and gonna be a friggin blast - We already have SO MUCH awesome stuff lined up - ranging from underwater runes, to shipwrecks, to merfolk cities, to dragon turtle lairs, to pirate hideouts, seafaring vessels, coastal towns, jungle temples/villiages, and more! I'll certainly post an update in here when it goes live but if you wanna keep up with cool previews and images I'm posting, follow EC3D on Facebook. I have lots of amazing stuff planned for this but if you have a cool/unique ideas, don't be afraid to throw them in the comments!

File Updates
6 months ago – Tue, Mar 05, 2019 at 08:02:13 PM

Hope everybody is having fun printing away! There's LOTS of great pictures and sharing going on in the backer Facebook Group, and it's been a blast so far seeing everybody's stuff come to life! After a well-needed vacation I'm back to work, and adding more new files and updates. I will periodically post updates as needed in here, but as I make modifications to the files in Dropbox I will be tracking changes in this Changelog - this will be up to date with all new things that are added. Also, when fixes are done to files I am adding them to dropbox with a new version (for example "random part v2") and deleting the old version to make sure dropbox sync works and you don't still see an old version of the file. You can check out the changelog for a list of errors that have been fixed/addressed, but also want to point out some new files that were added:

Rock / Earth Elemental / Golem

A golem summoned from the ground by the powerful magic of the gray dwarves, or a rock elemental wandering the lightless corridors - this monster has crystal geodes and carved runic patterns, and is ready to put his fist through all manner of things.


Nightwalker Demon

Available in a regular version, or version with whisps/tendrils of shadow, and keyed/split for easy printing! Sure to strike terror into the hearts of your players.


Final Abyss Pieces

Abyss pieces are finalized and last ones added include the "pit shrine", "crusted lava rise", and "demon throne"!


What's Next?

MINIS: Working on finalizing the dark elf spider mount, and additional male/female driders, and the demon goddess of rot and fungus. All these models look amazing so far and should be out very soon.

TERRAIN: Finishing up a few random pieces of gray dwarf terrain that I missed, and working on the vertical city stretch goal. Just getting started with the vertical city so will be a few weeks at least till that one is ready but you should have PLENTY to print in the interim!

DUNGEONSTICKS: Releasing a spider web wall and gate very soon, perfect for dark elf mansions / compounds. Almost finalized design for more gemoetric (aka dungeon) designs but pushing that out a bit so I can focus on wrapping up KS stuff, but will get to those soon I hope!